Nicola Abbagnano

The Human Project - The Year 2000

Edited with an introduction by Nino Langiulli, translated from Italian by Bruno Martini and Nino Langiulli, vol. 119 "Value Inquiry Book Series", Rodopi, Amsterdam-New York, 2002, pp. 162

Contents Editor's Introduction


Foreword by Peter A. Redpath
Editor's Introduction

Author's Introduction
1 .What Is This Book About?
2. Individuality and Sociality
3. The "Third Way"
4. The Measured Way
5. Humanity as the Measure
6. The Infinite and Human Nature

Human Project: Revolt of the Individual

The Human Project: The Third Way

Comment on the Interview: Dignity and Freedom
1. Putting the Project to the Test
2. Battle for Dignity
3. Discipline of Choices
4. Escape from Anonymity
5. The Individual and Ideology
6. The Third Way and Humanistic Socialism
7. Intellectuals and Freedom
S. Immoralism and Political Moralism
9. Democracy Today

Comment on the Interview: Risk and Salvation
1 .Wisdom and Risk
2. Sense of Insecurity
3. Biological Risk
4. Vital Balance
S. Threat of Aggressiveness
6. Risk of the Bomb
7. Menace of Terrorism
8. Prospect of Decline
9. Prospect of Rebirth
10. Prospect of Faith and Atheism
11. Prospect of Pantheism
12. Prospect of Humanist Religion
13. Prospect of Christian Humanism

Part One: Works by Abbagnano
Part Two: Works by Others
About the Author
About the Translators and Editor